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8th May 2013, 11:10 AM Episode #8 Script

So this was a pretty interesting episode to say the least. It had a pretty interesting genesis as well. And by a stroke of luck, I saved the email conversation me and Zack had while we were hashing out the story. I gave him full credit for the original idea. I added things like the cookie and the alley cat (which was originally going to be two characters but I condensed it down to one for economy). Anyway here's the conversation we had:


I've got another story idea: 
Freddie gets curious about what Stardust's owner does for a living/what she does 
during the day. They know what she does at home, but they don't know how she's 
getting the money to pay for the stuff. Stardust doesn't like the idea of 
following her, mostly because he doesn't care what happens as long as he gets 
fed. Freddie finally convinces him, and hide in her car when she goes out 
(probably more world building here?). She seems like a normal person (normal for 
a hippie, anyway). But its what she does at night that she makes her money, and 
its a horrible and frightening secret. I'm still working out what the secret 
could be.


I actually was thinking she worked in a record shop. Like speakertree. But I 
did have an idea where they go downtown. Maybe we could merge the two in some 


I like that. Maybe one of them thinks that she isn't making enough to pay all 
the bills, and that she does something on the side. I also had the idea that we 
don't really tell the reader what she does, and just make it a secret between 
them when they find out. Like we don't show them, and have a bunch of horrified 
reactions from Freddie and Stardust. They turn to each other and say "We will 
never speak of this ever again."


Haha maybe. I was just thinking the other day it would be funny to show the 
difference between a house cat like Stardust and the cats of the city. But I 
don't want to do another coming home story cuz I just did that. Plots are hard.


I was think it would start out with Stardust and Freddie hiding in the back of 
her car. She drives somewhere, and when they arrive, Stardust looks out and 
says, "Well, I've never seen this part of town before. I didn't know we had one 
of these." Freddie responds, "Well, what is this? I haven't seen one these 
before." "Well, it's a... WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING!?" Freddie and Stardust 
start to have disgusted and horrified faces. They turn to each other and say 
simultaneously, "We will never speak about this ever again." End scene.


I'm just not sure prostitution is really something she would do. She's a 
feminist. Its the kind of thing she'd strongly oppose.


I was trying to avoid that, actually. I guess it became inevitable. The 
implications were there. Maybe we should play on that a little. I was thinking 
more along the lines of it being like a nudist camp or something.


Now you could have them overhear her say something and it makes them think 
that's what she's doing. But then it turns out to be something else.


Maybe hint at it in the record store or something. Maybe the customers mention 
something about it. But that would also make the idea of the extra money null... 
Then we should avoid the making money part and just have the episode about them 
follow the owner.


Haha yeah she could be on the phone and say something like " I can't give it to 
you tonight I'm already giving out to like four other guys".


"I'll show you mine if you show me yours"

At this point we started talking about something completely different. Then finally:


I got the idea for that story when my aunt's cat was sniffing my coffee cup this 
morning. I thought to myself, "I bet she wonders what I do all day." That's when 
it hit me, and have a Stardust adventure. As for the second part with the 
secret, I kinda like it where the characters keep something from the readers, 
and just make you wonder.

For some reason I was thinking there was more to this conversation. I do remember it was his idea that she was a model. It might of happened on Facebook in which case I can't retrieve it.

But anyway, I do think it's a really good story. And I'm not saying that because I did it. Usually that would be why I'd hate it. But I think it came out really well. I just knew what all the characters would say and do and it feels right to me. There was only one issue I had to resolve which was since Stardust is such a libertarian I had trouble figuring out why he would bother going all the way downtown just because his owner was doing something "wrong". But as soon as I worked out the idea that if she got arrested he'd starve to death then it seemed perfectly logical.

So anyway here's the script. This is the final draft. There were a few before this but this is the one that most resembles the final product. The biggest change was that when I wrote the first draft I was still thinking of him having this really snobbish way of speaking almost like Stewie from Family Guy. The voice has changed to something more along the line of Kevin Spacey. 

Stardust the Cat

Episode #8 – The Windowlicker

Story by Zack Adamczak

Script by Stephen Leotti

The Cast:

                Regular Characters:



                                April (Stardust’s owner)

                Guest Characters:

                                Naomi – A Siamese alleycat.



Scene A

Est. Shot – Stardust’s house - Day

(Int. Attic)

Stardust and Freddie sit watching TV.

TV Narrator – Latisha has accused her boyfriend Damien of cheating with her best friend Monique and now wants a lie detector test to prove it.

Talk show host – We got the results of the lie detector test right here. (He opens an envelope and pulls out a piece of paper) When asked if you’ve slept with Monique you said “No” the lie detector test determined...that was a lie.

                The woman stands up and starts screaming at him.

Host – When asked if you had cheated with other women besides Monique you said “No” the lie detector test determined… that was lie.

                The woman screams some more.

Host – When asked if you had cheated with more than five women you said “No” the lie detector test determined…that was a lie.

                The audience goes crazy.

Stardust – It disturbs me how much I’m entertained by this.

Freddie – Why do they make these shows again?

Stardust – I think it’s like watching gladiators. Except they enjoy the emotion pain rather than the physical.

TV Narrator – Will Latisha and Damien put this aside for the sake of their baby? Keep watching future shows to find out.

Stardust – You know we will.

Freddie – Hmm…Well I think I’ll get some food. Can I see if it’s safe?

                Stardust changes the channel. 

Stardust – Looks like you’re all clear.

Freddie – Great. Be right back.

TV – Narrator – Next, he says he caught his wife in bed with his father. Now he wants a paternity test to see if the baby is really his.

Stardust – It just never ends.

 (Int. Kitchen)

Freddie jumps up onto the counter and walks to a cookie jar. He lifts off the lid when the phone rings.

 Freddie – Oh no!

He jumps inside the cookie jar. APRIL enters the kitchen and picks up the phone. From inside the jar he hears the following one-sided conversation.

April – Hello?


Oh yeah that’s tonight! Thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot. Yeah I’ll be there.


Thanks for giving me this opportunity I really need the extra money. Do I need to wear anything special?


Yeah I guess it doesn’t matter since it’s coming off anyway!


Alright see you downtown.


Ok bye bye.

                She hangs up the phone and leaves. Freddie pops out of the jar.

Freddie – Ach so-o-o-o!

Scene B

(Int. Attic)

                Freddie walks in with a blank stare on his face and holding a cookie.  He sits down. He says nothing for a moment.

Freddie – So-o-o-o what does your owner do for a living again?

Stardust – Well last I knew she worked in one of those “organic” food stores.

Freddie –…Are you sure that’s the only thing?

                He takes a bite of the cookie.

Stardust – Not unless you know something I don’t. Why?

Freddie stares off into space.

Freddie – (Grinning, eyes half closed) Man these cookies are really good.


Stardust – Hello?! Is there anybody in there?

Freddie – (still grinning) Huh? (He shakes it off) Oh sorry. Well when I was down there I overheard a phone conversation and…

Stardust - …and?

Freddie – Well I have a sneaking suspicion that…

Stardust – …That?

                Freddie motions him to lean in close. He whispers in his hear.

Stardust – Don’t be ridiculous! She’s a feminist! It would be against her morals. (pause) As eschewed as they are.

 Freddie – Well that’s just what I heard. There couldn’t possibly be another interpretation right?

Stardust – Not that I’m aware of.  There’s nothing you’ve left out right?

Freddie – No. She just said “see you downtown” and hung up.

Stardust – I don’t like the sound of that one bit.

Freddie – I’m surprised you care.

Stardust – I’m not concerned for her I’m concerned for me. If she gets picked up by an undercover cop I’ll be left here to slowly waste away….or worse…re-homed.

Freddie – Well why don’t we follow her and make sure?

Stardust - Downtowns a little too far to walk I’m afraid.

Freddie – Why don’t we just hide in the trunk of her car?

Stardust – That’s a problem.

Freddie- Why?

                Cut to –A shot of a dinky little moped.

Freddie – Let me guess, better for the environment?

Stardust – Not to mention better gas mileage.

Scene C

(Int. Garage)

Freddie – So what do we do?

                Stardust examines the moped a little more closely.

Stardust – Well…there is this little compartment here… (He opens the lid)  I guess I could fit in here…

Freddie – What about me?

Stardust – What about you?

Freddie – Well it was my idea right?

Stardust – So…?

Freddie – Well I think that makes me an integral part of this team don’t you? And besides, what if there are complications? I think the buddy system is the best choice.

Stardust – Ri-i-i-i-ght. Fine, I guess there’s enough room in here.

Freddie – YayI

                Later on…

 (Int. compartment – Pitch black)

Stardust – Well we should be leaving anytime now.

                Sound effect – Crunch!

Stardust – What the…are you eating more of those cookies?


Freddie – Huh?

                Cut to outside. April starts the engine and rides off.  Cut back to inside.

Stardust – Is it just me or is it getting smaller and smaller in here?

                Show shots of driving. Cut back to inside.

Stardust – I…I think we’ve stopped.

                They pop up from the compartment. They’re in a parking garage. They see her walking away.

Stardust – Come on let’s go.

Scene D

(Ext. Street – Night)

                They follow her down the road. She goes into a building.

Stardust – Great, so now we’re stuck out here. Geez, what could be more ridiculous than a cat and a mouse downtown looking for a prostitute.

                They hear an offscreen voice.

Voice – What did you call me?!

                They turn around to see a lady cat, NAOMI that was walking past.

Naomi– Now listen you, I may be an alley cat but I ain’t a hooker Ok?!

Stardust – No no not you, it’s my owner I’m looking for. Of the human variety, get it? 

Naomi  – (Embarassed) Oh. Well… it’s… mighty noble of you to save her from such a terrible line of work.

                She catches a glance of Freddie.

Naomi – Well look what’s behind you.

                She starts towards him licking her lips and drooling.

Stardust – (stopping her) No he’s…uh…he’s with me.

                She looks at him perplexed.

Naomi – Well, the girls usually hang out on 5th Street, so you’re goon wanna go down Main then turn left onto 7th

Stardust – Well we saw her go into that building but I’m not exactly the best with doors…

Naomi – Ah, well you might try the fire escape. If you can get up to the roof you may be able to get inside. Out of curiosity, what are you gonna do? Call the cops?

Stardust – It wouldn’t be the first time. Thanks for the tip. Let’s go.

                They begin walking away.

Naomi – Weirdoes.

Scene E

(Ext. Fire escape – Night)

                They walk up the steps.

Freddie – So are we really going to call the cops?

Stardust – No. I just said that to get us out of there. That woman was clearly insane. Attractive in some ways. But insane.

 (Ext. Roof – Night)

Freddie – So do we climb down the vents and go through the air shaft?

Stardust – Yeah we could do that. Or we could just, you know, look through that skylight there.

                They look down on the room below. Some people start to shuffle in.

A man (to April) – We really appreciate you coming down here.

Stardust- Yeah I’ll bet you do. Oh god there’s a whole group of them.

April – Are we ready to get started then?

Stardust – I think I’m gonna be sick.

                She begins taking her shirt off.

Man – So what do we wanna start with? A five minute pose?

The group mutters things like “Yeah that sounds good” etc.

Stardust – Wait a minute…

                A woman takes out a sketchpad.

Stardust – This…this is a drawing class isn’t it? Ok false alarm we can go home.

                Ext. Street - Night

Freddie – So that isn’t wrong then huh?

Stardust – Well if you want to debate morality then that’s a whole other conversation. But as far as the “get-picked-up-for-soliciting-and-the-cat-starves-to-death” way. Then no.

Freddie –Oh.  So what are your views on gay marriage?

Stardust – We’re not even gonna go there.

Scene F

(Int. Parking garage)

                The two walk back toward the moped.

Freddie – Well on the bright side at least we got to see historic downtown.

Stardust – Oh yes, and meet some its colorful characters.

                He climbs into the compartment.

Freddie – Please don’t sit on my…

Stardust – Ow! What the…(he pulls out a cookie from underneath him). Is this yours?

He hands it to him.

Stardust - You know I wonder if you make more as a prostitute, or as a model. I think someone should investigate.

                Freddie stands there dazed.

Freddie – Huh?

Stardust – There you go with that again! Let me see that!

                He takes the cookie from him and examines it.

Stardust – Well no wonder you’re baked! You’ve been eating weed cookies! (He throws it away) Now get in here!

(Int. compartment – Pitch black)

Freddie – Is this the real life!? Is this just fantasy!?

Stardust – This is gonna be a lo-o-o-ng ride home.

That’s all folks